We are looking for a mid-level full-stack PHP Developer who will maintain and expand our existing backend, which powers our main product - the mobile application The Crypto App on Android and iOS platforms.

You will be working in a small team of remote developers within different time zones (mostly Central Europe). The position is full-time (160h / month) and you can start immediately. The work is organized through collaborative tools (Git, Jira) to allow independent and flexible work. You will be supported by our senior engineers, especially during the first weeks, so that you can get into the flow, be productive and feel amazing when accomplishing your first tasks.


  • Experience with PHP and MySQL
  • Basic familiarity with cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, DeFi, trading, fintech or other related concepts
  • Experience managing a VPS (Ubuntu Linux + Apache): Putty (SSH), cronjobs, Linux terminal commands
  • Knowledge of tools such as: Git, Postman


  • Get to know existing features of the main mobile app and learn how they connect to the backend
  • Get to know existing backend system (PHP scripts, MySQL DBs, cronjobs) and understand how they support the mobile app
  • Maintain and expand the existing backend, troubleshoot issues and fix bugs
  • Collaborate with the team in all phases of the development lifecycle